The Dao

Daoism is a philosophy full of contrasts and nearly impossible to define as it requires us to live from the heart first and not the head. It is both ethereal and concrete and ever shifting. Following the laws of nature might be the closest thing to an explanation of the Dao. Yet it gives us very many practical tools on how to live a balanced, healthy life. This is why The Shen Foundation uses Daoism as a resource for most of the  courses offered.

Lao Tsu is considered the  founder of Daoism. Some of the tangible concepts that have come from Daoism are, Acupuncture and the foundations of Chinese Medicine, Yin/Yang and the  Qi Clock (the daily rhythms of the  body).


There are three important pillars to Daoism, Harmony with Nature, Harmony with Mankind and Harmony with the  Cosmos. These are used as a foundation for the courses offered.

From  Harmony with Nature come courses in sustainability and eventually the establishment of a centre, whose purpose will be to provide an environment (built to the  highest ecological standards) for the establishment of a new  humanity.

From Harmony with Mankind comes a series of courses in how to use the Qi clock to create a harmonious lifestyle by following the natural rhythms in the body. They are called 4Times4Health.

There are  also courses in using the five Virtues of Altruism, Integrity, Respect, Wisdom and Trust as a code of life.

The purpose of the centre to be established is to experiment and establish a new  humanity by putting a group of open hearted  people together to work out how we can live together cooperatively.

From Harmony with the Cosmos come retreats at the  solstices and equinoxes, to give us time out to  reflect on our lives

Training to help us look at our life journey, what our purpose  might be and how to move through  obstacles.